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trombones from BRASSEGO, trombones from STOMVI, trombones from NARTISS
In our Internet-Shop POSAUNEN.ONLINE we offer tenor trombones and bass trombones, e.g. from the manufactureres STOMVI, NARTISS and BRASSEGO!

Posaunen-Leichtgewicht SOLINO

Jazz trombone SOLINO from BRASSEGO BRASSEGO has developed a special trombone for jazz music. The model is called "SOLINO" and has a detachable bell. The bell is silver-plated and the trombone slide is made from alpacca.

The model is very lightweight compared to other trombones and is comfortable to hold thanks to a balance weight.

STOMVI and BRASSEGO slide trombones

slide trombones from STOMVI and BRASSEGO You can find slide trombones from BRAS­SE­GO as well as from STOMVI in our trombone shop.

While STOMVI is at the moment focussing on tenor trombones, the workshop BRASSEGO produces tenor trombones as well as bass trombones. .

Risk a view at our offers in the online-shop!

The Online-Shop "Posaunen.Online" invites you to check the offers!

The sound of all the instruments offered at Posaunen.Online is extraordinary. Our selection of Instruments is guided by the requirements of an easy response, an excellent sound and the top-quality of the finish of the instruments.

The patented hammering "SINGING BELL" from BRASSEGO has attracted our special interest: it is a way to reduce strange frequencies of the sound spectrum in order to produce a warm and harmonic sound.

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Many of the tenor trombones from BRASSEGO and STOMVI which are available at Posaunen.Online are equipped with the patented FREE FLOW quart valve or with a Hagman-Valve, which allow for a quick change from intonation Bb to the intonation F (and vice versa).

Some of the trombones (e.g. the jazz trombone SOLINO or the trombone TITAN) have also a detachable bell, which allows for a change of the bell to a bell with a different material or even with a different diameter.

Buy your wind instruments with special demands at Posaunen.Online!

Decide for a tenor trombone with a bell diameter of 200mm, 216mm or 230mm.

Your next decision needs to be the kind of the instrument: valve trombone or slide trombone.

If you decide for a slide trombone you need to think about the material of the trombone slide: brass, goldbrass or alpacca. The different materials result in different weights of the slide - and also in different prices.

The online-shop is open 24h / 7 days! Look around and select your next trombone

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Another decision you need to make is the possibility to switch between the intonation F and the intonation Bb with the help of a valve. And last not least, the bore has to be selected, because it determines as well the sound of the instrument: 11.89mm, 12.7mm, 13.9mm.

For our bass trombones these decisions concerning the bore are obsolete. Three decisions remain nevertheless: the bells have a diameter of 260 or 265 mm, the slides are made either from goldbrass or from alpacca, and there is the decision if you want the option "SINGING BELL" or not.

Why do you still hesitate! Online-Shopping of Trombones and trombone accessories is efficient and economic!

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The voices of our customers:

Ronny B.: Was für eine Posaune! Ich habe die STOMVI Posaune TITAN im Shop von Posaunen-Online gekauft, weil ich für meine Brass-Band eine Tenorposaune mit starker Resonanz benötigte. Ich bin voll begeistert! Ein wirklich cooles Instrument!
Brigitte K.: Ich bin vom Klang meiner neuen STOMVI Tenorposaune fasziniert! Ein sehr gutes Musikinstrument, das unser Internet-Shop im Angebot hat.
Hans T.: Meine Jazzposaune SOLINO von BRASSEGO bringt tatsächlich das, was im Online-Shop von Posaunen.Online versprochen wird. Ich habe das Schallstück mit 216 mm Durchmesser gewählt. Preis und Qualität des Instrumentes sind in Ordnung.
Rudi W.: Ich habe meine alte Bassposaune gegen eine neue Bassposaune "Bellissima" mit Patenthämmerung "Singing Bell" von BRASSEGO ausgetauscht. (Natürlich habe ich das Instrument im Internet bei Posaunen-Online bestellt!) Der Klang ist satt und fügt sich hervorragend in mein Symphonieorchester ein. Ein tolles Instrument!

What are you waiting for?

Posaunen.Online offers in its shop musical instruments of highest quality at a very economic price. Professional musicians as well as music students and hobby musicians can find here their new instrument.
Visit our online-shop for trombones - and let your dream become reality!

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